The Leader in Advanced Modeling and Simulation Automation
"We provide customers with working solutions to complex information engineering problems"

MS4 Systems develops advanced modeling and simulation ("M&S") methodology and software/hardware environments. MS4 Systems is a commercial spin-off of the Arizona Center for Integrative Modeling and Simulation at the University of Arizona and Arizona State University.

Our experience spans the range from M&S-based military standards conformance, interoperability, test and evaluation to enterprise business planning simulation. Our team's talents are ideal for handling modern day computing challenges ranging from real time data analysis to constructive modeling and simulation.

The company was founded with a mission to design, develop and provide advanced M&S solutions for highly complex real world information science and engineering problems.

Award winning modeling and simulation staff
Leader in application of formal methods and discrete event system specification
Authority in software development environments
Innovative M&S for Research, Development and Testing
Customer Focused and Solution Oriented Service

Key Development Thrusts

These tools address specific needs in emerging areas such as:

Engineering and Analysis of Data-Intensive Systems, for example, XML-enabled, user-specified, on-demand capture of internet traffic data with application to automate analysis and model generation to support testing of network intrusion detection systems.
Model-Driven System Development, for example, of real-time complex command, control, and information systems employing M&S based software engineering.
Automated Testing of Net-centric Systems, for example, employing NTAC Agents to provide automated instrumentation for development and operational testing of Global Information Grid enabled weapons.
Network Systems Modeling, ranging from interoperability of management tools at the enterprise level to design and testing of mobile Ad Hoc networks with synthetic terrestrial RF propagation.

Contact Information

address 6909 W Ray Rd STE 15-107 Chandler, AZ 8522
e-mail support@ms4systems.com
website http://www.ms4systems.com