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Contracting and Consulting Services

MS4 Systems leverages its extensive knowledge and experience in systems engineering, M&S, and software environments to assist customers with challenging acquisition requirements. Combined with its experience in system acquisition and ability to transition academic concepts for military application, MS4 Systems has become a leader in innovating research, development and testing strategies for transformational capabilities.

MS4 Systems's unique expertise in systems theory and discrete event system specification supports its development of M&S toolsets and environments for mission, systems, and standards level development and testing. Based on formal methods, these M&S toolsets and environments are highly automated, reusable, and capable of supporting a wide range of fidelity, including unparalleled levels of rigor.

To summarize, MS4 Systems is uniquely qualified to provide functional proponents and system developers the M&S expertise and capabilities they need to evaluate operating concepts, identify capability gaps, analyze potential solutions, quantify capabilities goals, synthesize alternative designs, verify integration, and ensure effectiveness, suitability, and sustainability. MS4 Systems also provides the infrastructure management services needed to maximize M&S applications reuse and reduce redundant development across the entire system acquisition lifecycle.